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Jency Stella

Jency Stella

Jency Stella

Senior QA Engineer, Billennium, Malaysia


Jency is an Ardent Software Tester and has been investigating the line between Software and Testing for the past 8+years. Her love affair with ‘Software Testing’ began years ago, starting from an ‘ETL Test Engineer’ to currently ‘Senior QA Engineer’ in the role of a passionate ‘API Tester’ at “Billennium IT Services (M) SDN. BHD.”. She loves to spend time exploring the concepts and interesting facts about Software Testing. She is fond of sharing her experiences by blogging and participating in tech communities. Jency is an ISTQB Certified Foundation Level and Agile Tester. Other interesting facts about Jency – MOM of a 3year old Superhero | Certified Mentor | Community Contributor | Occasional YouTuber.

API Testing with POSTMAN
APIs are everywhere. This means there is a huge dependency on leveraging them to build various products. Whether your APIs are internal or external-facing, the importance of a proper testing process shouldn’t change. API Testing has reached stardom nowadays. Postman is one of the popular used tools for testing APIs. Postman is preferred due to its handy and simplified features. Many would be familiar with the cosmetic API checks like verifying status code, verifying response headers, etc using POSTMAN, but there is limited awareness of some interesting concepts tied up with it, so what are they?

  • API Test Documentation
  • Workflow-based scenario checks
  • Mock Servers
  • Monitoring
  • Integration with Source Code Repositories, CI/CD I uncovered these areas gradually in my API Testing journey, so here I’m to retrospect my learnings and share with everyone.

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