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Seema Prabhu

Seema Prabhu

Seema Prabhu

Head of QA, MotorK, United Kingdom


Seema Prabhu is Head of QA at MotorK where she is responsible for setting up the team and QA strategy across the organisation. She has been a software test professional for more than 17 years with a wealth of experience in testing, and Agile transformation projects. Her focus is on leadership, establishing sustainable processes, building high performance teams, coaching and mentoring teams and individuals. She shares experiences and her thoughts about testing, providing thought leadership, exploring the use of tools to make testing better and efficient. She loves to talk about the human side of testing. She is a Certified Agile Coach, which enables her to coach and mentor teams to embed the good agile practices in projects. Seema also speaks at various meetups and conferences to share her knowledge within the testing community.

It’s about people, not tools !
In every team, problems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As soon as there is a problem, we look for tools to fix it. Does it really solve the problem?

Tools are useful to solve problems only if people know what problems to solve.

When tools don’t solve the problem, we wonder why? Did we invest in the wrong tool ? Why are the tools not driving results? Why does the tool work for some teams and not others? Is the team using the tool correctly?

Using only tools and processes, to fix a problem won’t guarantee best results or even solve the problem at hand. Tools are useful to solve problems only if people know what problems to solve.

At the heart of processes and tools are People. The driver for success in any team lies within the team. Fostering and maintaining a strong and positive problem-solving culture in teams certainly has its real and sustainable benefits.

Key Takeaways

From this talk the audience will

  • Learn the importance of a good team culture
  • How to build the culture of trust and collaboration
  • How teams can leverage processes and tools to their advantage