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Shruti Pandit

Shruti Pandit

Shruti Pandit

Senior Director of Agile Transformation, ITS, India


Shruti Pandit is an agile and a cloud enthusiast who believes in the power of blockchain, Cloud, AI and Agility. She is an active contributor, speaker and participant in Agile and Devops communities of India.

Awarded with “Women of Excellence Award” in 2nd National Conference by Elite Club of London in March-2019 in Delhi, she is an award-winning speaker and an agile leader.

With a background in Agile, Cloud, Devops and Cyber security, her career expands over several industries including banking, finance, cybersecurity and currently travel. She was also voted amongst top 101 Global Diversity and Inclusion Leaders at 6th Women Leadership Congress and Awards in January-2019 at Mumbai. Currently serving as a Senior Director of Agile Transformation at ITS, she is passionate about helping her clients learn cloud, agile and blockchain strategies they need to succeed no matter what this marketplace does.

Balancing the See-Saw of Cloud Computing and DevFinOps
The fascinating fact about IT is that whenever it faces any issue, it comes up with a mind-blowing solution. The solution is also so amazing that it not only takes care of the issue but all the probable issues collateral to it. A brilliant example of such a description is DevOps. The foundation of DevOps lies in the roots of collating two distinct yet so intermingled departments of IT ie- Development Sector and the Operations sector. The name DevOps also suggests the same. DevFinOps is one step further of DevOps, this new advancement bridges the gap between Development, Finance, and Operations.

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