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Baubak Gandomi

Baubak Gandomi

Test Automation Architect, Adobe


With more than 20 years of experience in the software industry, I am specialized in the management of software quality and life-cycle. I enjoy getting projects with no Continuous Integration / Deploy up and running.

I have a passion for the un-testable, so if you want to discuss projects I would be glad to discuss such problems with you.

I have studied in Sweden and in Germany, and graduated from the university of Stockholm.

I have mainly worked in Sweden and in France. and have been at Adobe for the last 9 years as a test automation architect.

Evolutive Test Design and Execution – Leveraging Tests to Validate the unexpected
We introduced Phased Testing to allow the validation of product upgrades. We discovered soon that the design and methodology can be applied to other domains such as Chaos Testing, but also Permutation testing, where tests will attempt unplanned execution paths to reach the same results. We identify these methods as Evolutive Test Design and Execution, since we are able to leverage a normal test scenario, by allowing it to go way beyond its original use.

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