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Colin Deady

Colin Deady

Agile Lead, PPS


Colin is Agile Lead for PPS, a leading processor issuer and driving force in Fintech, and applies his knowledge of Agile product delivery to enable teams to discover and iterate their Ways of Working.

Previously Colin was Head of Agile Development for Capita Digital Development Centre UK & Ireland.

With wide-ranging experience across both public and private sectors Colin supports the Agile value of people over process over tools by adopting a context-driven application of Agile drawing in large part on Better Value Sooner Safer Happier, the Cynefin Sense-Making Framework and Real Options to guide the creation of maximum options and opportunities for learning-supported value delivery for minimal effort and risk.

Why do we queue? Stop embracing the waste
Software development is unusual in that standing in a queue, waiting, is often considered the norm for many teams: “Please raise a ticket for better service.” We wait, repeatedly, at every step of the journey to get our products live, and our customers suffer as a result. Yet, in the Real World we are constantly seeking opportunities to minimise queueing by rerouting our GPS, changing aisle in the supermarket, or delegating a task to a friend.

In this presentation we will look at aspects of the Queueing Theory and how they can be applied to the Kanban and Lean practice of identifying and removing waste to enable us to accelerate delivery of customer value. We will pledge to ourselves to stop embracing the waste.

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