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Greg Thomas

Greg Thomas

Security Researcher, Intel Corporation


Greg Thomas a Security Researcher for Intel’s Network Platforms Software Group. Greg joined Intel Corporation in 2004 as a Software Validation Engineer, to validate hardware accelerators. In 2011, he started to work on security validation and lead teams through the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). Greg introduced methods of threat modelling and fuzzing to the Network Platform Software Group and established a training program to help spread knowledge across the organization. In 2018 Greg moved into his current role and now leads a RedTeam team to perform security reviews, provide feedback to teams to improve the SDL process and improve project teams’ capabilities in secure architecture, implementation, and validation.

Improving The Security Mindset Of Your Development Teams
The success of security testing is proportional to the security mindset of your development team, limited knowledge of security concepts equals less bugs found. In this talk I will share the methods used to help improve our team’s knowledge of security and in turn enable them to find more issues before product release