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Seema Prabhu

Seema Prabhu

Director of QA, Hudl


Seema Prabhu is Head of QA at MotorK where she is responsible for setting up the team and QA strategy across the organisation. She has been a software test professional for more than 17 years with a wealth of experience in testing, and Agile transformation projects. Her focus is on leadership, establishing sustainable processes, building high performance teams, coaching and mentoring teams and individuals. She shares experiences and her thoughts about testing, providing thought leadership, exploring the use of tools to make testing better and efficient. She loves to talk about the human side of testing. She is a Certified Agile Coach, and mentor.

How thinking like a scientist made me a better leader
Taking a scientific approach, challenging our assumptions and testing hypotheses helped to generate evidence based on which decision taking became easier and better.

In this talk, I will be sharing my experience of how I went from a challenging situation towards becoming a better leader by thinking like a scientist. Lessons I learnt from this change and benefits gained.