Bryan Jones

Bryan Jones

Director of Quality Engineering & Testing, SOPRA STERIA LIMITED


Having graduated from Staffordshire University (1988) with one of the first IT degrees in the country, I have been in IT and particularly the Testing arena for 35 years, including 18 years as a Freelance Test Consultant and the last 12 years working for Sopra Steria, now fulfilling the role of Quality Engineering & Testing Practice Director.

In that time I have worked in most industry sectors, on a wide variety of projects for many different clients.

In Summary, I am a career testing professional with a lifetime obsession with testing and quality, not to mention an insatiable curiosity and learning addiction.

At The Crossroads: Making Deals with The AI Devil
Whether we like it or not, AI is here to stay and as Testers it is our job to test it.

So … How do you test an AI system?

This talk addresses some of the risks, opportunities, the technology, the techniques, skills and patterns that Testers need to remain relevant.