Shajahan Pulikkal

Shajahan Pulikkal

Chief Automation Architect - Test Service Delivery, UST


Shajahan is a professional focused on automation engineering, currently employed by UST. With diverse QA roles spanning the UK, India, and the USA, he has successfully transformed projects using automated testing and BDD methodologies. Shajahan presently serves as the Chief Automation Architect in Test Service Delivery at UST, where he showcases his passion for developing innovative QA tools and strategic test automation solutions. His presentations at national and international conferences have provided valuable guidance to numerous professionals seeking to adopt industry best practices in test automation. Shajahan’s digital transformation journey has had a lasting impact, earning him recognition as an ‘Emerging World Technical Leader’ by Tech City UK. Furthermore, he has contributed valuable papers on test automation to SIGIST as part of the British Computer Society Chartered Institute of IT.

Additionally, Shajahan and his UST team are focused on implementing Gen AI capabilities to streamline various stages of the testing lifecycle.

Explore the powerful impact of AI, particularly Gen AI, as the foundation for making DevOps more efficient for businesses in our presentation titled “Streamlining DevOps for Enterprises, when AI is just a building block”. Discover how Gen AI seamlessly fits into the DevOps process, making it more efficient and dependable. From analysing requirements, where it automatically checks, corrects, and even creates user stories, to simplifying test planning through understanding context, Gen AI ensures smoother test design by automatically generating BDD scenarios and converting manual test packs. This results in automatically generated code snippets for more streamlined execution. Additionally, security testing becomes easy with quick setup and execution, all while Gen AI’s engine provides helpful summaries for better decision-making. See how AI transforms the DevOps journey, reducing manual work and improving the quality of software delivery.