Global App Testing

Global App Testing helps augment QA resources and provides teams with flexibility and a scalable solution to provide them with 100% confidence when they release so they can deliver quality at speed.

We are a tap to turn on-and-off as needed, as an extension to current internal capacity. We augment our client’s QA resources, not replace them. We are as well as, not instead of.

As companies build more software, they require additional QA resources, without having to hire more people or dedicate more of their dev time towards QA – the opportunity cost of dedicating non-QA teams towards QA activities is far too high and an inefficient use of resources.

We provide our clients with confidence to test any time, anywhere, on any configuration.

  • Global App Testing uses a professional community of 60,000 expert testers, based in 195 countries globally
  • Tested 30,000+ applications
  • 120,000+ available device, version and OS configurations
  • Worked with enterprise organisations and fast-growing companies
  • Cover B2B, B2C, government bodies and more

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