Alexander Pushkarev

Alexander Pushkarev

Senior Software Engineer, TripAdvisor


With more than 10 years in IT, I had a chance to work in different areas, such as development, testing and management. I had a chance to work with PHP, Java, Python and .Net platforms with different application from microservices to monolithic and monstrous desktop UI applications.

With such a wide background I decided to focus on things that help to deliver high-quality software, starting from inception and all the way to operation.
Currently, I am holding the position of Senior Software Engineer, but I prefer to consider myself a full-stack engineer.

My major areas of interests:
– Effective test automation approaches
– Test automation framework architecture
– Data analysis
– DevOps

My passions are quality and efficiency. Agile fan and XP practitioner.

The future of Testing in the world Agile, DevOps and Test Automation
In this ever-changing world, nothing is stable. While some time ago there was a huge demand for Software Testing specialists, we don’t see such huge demand anymore.

It seems that the reason for the drop in the demand is the fact that industry focus has already shifted towards test automation and DevOps approaches and there’re even thoughts about the superiority of test automation and/or DevOps over testing.

In reality, those phenomena are often misunderstood and real reason for the observed drop in demand is change in the organizational and business environments.