Guillermo Martinez

Guillermo Martinez

Head of DevOps, Accenture NL


I am Guillermo Martinez, a Computer Science Engineer working as Head of DevOps, Cloud Engineering, and SRE services in Accenture the Netherlands.

For more than 8 years I’ve been performing roles for multiple clients in the domains of DevOps architecture, Engineering Management, and Delivery Management. I have skills in design implementation, organization and teams management. Thanks to my technical background, innovation ambitions, getting things done approach, efficiency, and optimization focus; I became a leader of DevOps Transformations in Enterprise.

I experienced how the proper use of modern technologies together with the correct organizational structure is key in enabling innovation and development. The world is continuously changing and technology is everywhere, I believe we should learn how to deal with this never stopping evolution and understand how to react fast to satisfy the demanding customers.

A recipe for embracing DevOps
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