Valencia Serrao

Valencia Serrao

Senior Platform Engineer, PPS


I am Valencia Serrao, working as a Senior Platform Engineer at PPS, UK – a leading processor, issuer and driving force in Fintech. My role focuses on the build/deployment capabilities and developer experience. Previously, I worked at Persistent Systems Ltd as a Senior Software Engineer, contributed to Cloudera, Google and OpenStack opensource projects. I hold a Master’s degree in Computer Applications from Goa University.

I’m keen to explore new technology developments and their applications. In my leisure time, I play the guitar, electronic keyboards, etc. and learn new music instruments, languages, and coach individuals in music exams.

Case study of SVN to GIT Migration:
Tech Migration Diaries – Essentials to champion the transformative journey

“We’ve got to do a migration!” Some may dread this thought or just be happy in the current ways of working. Change being the only constant, technical migrations are therefore inevitable in the life of a devops professional. However, they come with many challenges – involves challenging the status quo, process changes, breaking away from comfort zones, etc – but instead of dreading the thought of migration, we need to face it to reap the benefits.

In this presentation, I’m sharing my thoughts on technical migrations using a case study involving svn-to-git migration, the challenges, lessons, the joy, etc.