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Bernd Schopp

Bernd Schopp

Chief Commercial Officer, Squirro


Dr Bernd Schopp joined Squirro in 2021 as Chief Commercial Officer, to accelerate growth and help the company become the market leader for Insight Engines and Augmented Intelligence.

Schopp was CEO and co-owner of leading DACH Digital Transformation agency Namics. At Namics, Schopp grew the business to a client-centric international organization with more than 550 employees. After Merkle acquired Namics, he was part of the European Executive Management team of Merkle that integrated the Namics business into the Merkle EMEA organisation.

Why Augmented Intelligence is a game-changer for Knowledge Management
Augmented intelligence is a partnership model of people and artificial intelligence (AI) working together to enhance cognitive performance and make Knowledge Management understandable and actionable. Since 80% of enterprise data is available just in an unstructured format, NLP and Machine Learning are heavily applied to support this. But Machine Learning is not enough to provide explainable decision models and to incorporate domain knowledge for higher precision. Applying Composite AI techniques help us to overcome these shortcomings for better Augmented Intelligence which is able to connect KM outcomes to business outcomes.