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Patricia L. Eng

Patricia L. Eng

Principal, KMHR Systems Auditors


Patricia L. Eng, P.E. is a certified ISO 30401 Auditor for Knowledge management systems and Principal at KMHR Systems Auditors. During her 30-year career with the U.S. government, she wrote domestic and international regulations, and created and managed the KM program at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission saving them almost 60 million dollars in operational costs. She has co-authored two books on KM, trains and certifies ISO 30401 auditors, teaches an Intro to ISO 30401 course, and audits organizations against the ISO KM standard. She serves on the Advisory Board for the Master of Science in KM Program at Kent State University where she teaches the Leadership and Professional Development Course. You can reach Patricia at:

To ISO or not to ISO? – What does ISO 30401 do and is it worth adopting?
ISO published ISO 30401: “Knowledge management systems requirements in 2018. Who is ISO and what does the ISO standard for KM actually do? What does adopting the standard mean? And what are the benefits of getting certified to the ISO standard? Presented by the first certified ISO 30401 Auditor, and a former manager of an award winning KM program in the US, this session will go over the history and development of the standard, what it does and does not do, what you can use it for – whether or not you adopt the standard – and what it takes to get certified to ISO 30401.