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Graham Charlesworth

Graham Charlesworth

Graham Charlesworth

VP International Operations, Pureinsights Technology


Graham is a co-founder of Pureinsights and has been working in enterprise search since 1995 when he joined Excalibur Technologies, a leading search engine vendor (later renamed Convera). By 2006, Graham had risen to Senior VP for Worldwide Sales for Convera and was also responsible for all International Operations.

In 2009, Graham joined Search Technologies, as VP of Europe, responsible for Sales and Operations for the International region. Search Technologies were a boutique consulting firm, focussed on helping clients build world-class search-based applications and during this period Graham worked with many leading companies around the world. Following the successful acquisition of Search Technologies by Accenture, Graham led the Search and Content Analytics group in the International Region.

Pureinsights helps organizations go “beyond traditional search” by leveraging search, knowledge graphs and AI technologies such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Making Enterprise Search Work like Google
An overview of how Google does what it does in terms of providing both a ‘conventional search’ and ‘question answering’ capability and how the technology behind this can now be brought to the enterprise. Pu at 17:05 reinsights will talk about the technology itself and show examples of where it has been deployed inside a corporation and across a private data set.