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Fernando Mattos

Fernando Mattos

Product Marketing Lead, mabl


Fernando Mattos (he/him) is the Product Marketing Lead at mabl, the leading intelligent test automation platform for quality engineering. In his role at mabl, Fernando channels 20 years of engineering and product management experience into empowering quality teams to become customer experience advocates. He’s customer-centered and deeply passionate about the future of software development.

Overcoming the Testing Bottleneck in DevOps Pipelines
DevOps practices enable our teams to build, test, and deploy software faster and easier, speeding up the ability to get fixes and new features to users, and helping us stay ahead of the competition. However, testing hasn’t scaled equally and has become the biggest bottleneck to the practice. In this session, Fernando Mattos from mabl will go over a practical guide for overcoming the testing bottleneck by spreading user-centric testing throughout the different stages of the DevOps pipeline. In the end, you’ll have a foundation for an efficient and effective testing strategy that allows your teams to move faster and release with confidence.