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Richard J Self

Richard J Self

Senior Lecturer in Governance of Advanced and Emerging Technologies, University of Derby


Richard Self worked in the aerospace sector for thirty years supporting the business with innovative systems solutions and matching technologies to business needs.

He then made the transition into academia in 2002 at the University of Derby, where he now has small teams of Undergraduate and Masters students researching to identify the best frameworks of questions for evaluating emerging and advanced technologies for gaining business value. He is currently working on the success and failure factors for AI and machine learning implementations.

Richard is a regular invited keynote speaker at UK and international business conferences where he always provides the audience with the important questions for evaluating their business needs and technologies.

Testing AI: Model Cards Will Add Value
The EU AI Act 2021 (draft), will have an impact on AI and Analytics software testing across the world. As a result, we need to understand how Model Cards will assist developers and testers to provide confidence to the users of the systems and how this use of model cards will be an added value activity rather than an extra and unnecessary cost.