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Parasmoni Goswami

Parasmoni Goswami

Assistant Director, EY Knowledge GDS


In the early 2000s when Bangalore became the spotlight of globalization, I shifted to this dream city to take a leap in my education and then start my career. I started my career with AOL; though I loved customer service, I soon realized my love for writing, and editing and my inclination to a more creative work profile. I moved on to become an editor for the Movie Fone page in the AOL web service. After that moved companies including a startup based out of Hyderabad which gave me ample opportunities to write and open up my social marketing skills. This experience landed me in Accenture 10 years back. It was an exciting journey of leading a team, being an individual contributor, setting up a team, and building infrastructure for social media collaboration and Knowledge Management. A year back got an opportunity in one of the big 4, and joined EY to diversify my content and knowledge management horizon.

Designing and Re- energising a knowledge program
Want to stay ahead of the game and have a competitive edge?

In this talk, Parasmoni Goswami will deep dive into how you can nurture organizational memory to stay current, foster innovation to pave the way forward with strategic insights, and keep your workforce engaged. The talk will bring to light different approaches one can take to design, energize and catapult the knowledge program as the hub for increasing organizational efficiency and delivering customer value