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Rooven Pakkiri

Rooven Pakkiri

People Analytics and Social KM Consultant, Knowledge Management Institute


A Digital Evangelist and who began his KM career in the era; I am particularly interested in the points where Society, Technology and Business intersect and the paradigm shifts that occur whenever this happens.

In terms of my consultancy style and approach, I like to describe myself as a digital version of a ‘Saville Row’ tailor. I am completely client focused in my approach and technology agnostic. Taking time to painstakingly create highly customised bespoke user experiences, road maps and adoption strategies is where I see my value. It’s all about winning hearts and minds by showing people the ‘Art of the possible’ based on their world (not a generic vanilla flavoured one). All of my work is done in close and constant contact with clients often over several months. Before engaging with a client I will generally take up to 2 weeks (at my own cost) to research a client’s business and the space they operate in and to think deeply about how People based digital technology can impact their business. I then play back my thoughts and findings to the client and from there a partnership is forged and we journey together to build the company collaboration culture and strategy for adoption. At all times the focus is on the agreed client specific business goals and NOT on vendor technology.

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  • 40% of global CEOs think their organisation will no longer be economically viable in ten years’ time if it continues on its current course.
  • That stark data point underscores a dual imperative facing 4,410 CEOs from 105 countries and territories who responded to PwC’s 26th Annual Global CEO 2023 Survey.
  • Most of those CEOs feel it’s critically important for them to reinvent their businesses for the future.
  • Without PKM being actively promoted by CEOs this business reinvention will not happen
  • Accordingly the exciting and transformative change taking place in organisations today is all about Personal Knowledge Management
  • In my talk I will explain the rationale and how it is playing out as well as who are likely to be the winners and who are not