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Elmi Bester

Elmi Bester

Programme Lead for Knowledge Management, The Cynefin Co.


Elmi Bester is the Programme Lead for Knowledge Management at The Cynefin Co, and also looking after the growing global community of Cynefin, SenseMaker® and complexity practitioners. She is particularly interested in how we bring the richness of the growing collection of methods for naturalising sense-making into the practice of knowledge management and organisations. She holds a Masters in Information and Knowledge Management from the University of Stellenbosch, and her current interest is in the role of narrative in organisations as distributed knowledge systems.

Knowledge Management & Resilience: Building the capabilities that we can rapidly activate

We have a renewed appreciation for our resilience as humanity, as organisations and business, and what it takes to be resilient. In this workshop, we will look at the role of knowledge management in building the capabilities to comprehend and respond in novel situations where past practice and experiences cannot help us. We also need to be able to rapidly activate these in times of stress and crisis, or for real-time feedback before we commit to strategic decisions.

This interactive workshop gives a practical approach to build more resilient knowledge ecosystems and sense-making capabilities, and to re-energise knowledge management by respecting what has already been done and adopting new approaches for situational assessment, monitoring and feedback, learning and knowledge flows at different scales. The overall goal here is to create a portfolio of pragmatic projects building on the Field Guide for managing complexity (and chaos) in crisis, a joint publication between the Joint Research Centre (JRC) the European Commission’s science and knowledge service, and the Cynefin Centre.