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Grace Bottomley

Grace Bottomley

Knowledge Manager, NHS Resolution


Having worked in both records and knowledge management roles within the public sector, I am currently working as a Knowledge Manager at NHS Resolution. I have experience assisting in the setting up of a knowledge management function and I currently specialise in knowledge and information management policy, procedure and guidance development and the capture and monitoring of organisational knowledge. I have also undertaken a master’s degree in Archives and Records Management and have experience in the transfer of public records to the UK National Archives as well as in the preservation of historic records.


The key to the development and success of a knowledge and information management function, is how an organisation set up and establish the function. This presentation will benefit those with responsibility for and interest in developing and establishing their own
Knowledge and Information Management function, as well as those who have a role in fulfilling the knowledge and information management responsibilities with their organisations. Participants will learn about:

  • The importance of a Knowledge and Information Management strategy, policies and procedures
  • Building the right Knowledge and Information Management team for your organisation
  • Identifying key priorities for knowledge and information management within their organisation
  • Maximising buy-in from senior leaders
  • Implementing appropriate governance structures
  • Selling the benefits of having a Knowledge and Information Management function

The presentation will ultimately provide participants with the confidence to develop and establishing their own Knowledge and Information Management function.

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