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Squirro is a leading provider of Augmented Intelligence solutions for search, analysis and interpretation of unstructured information. Squirro’s unique technology marries Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, empowering organizations to transform enterprise data into AI-driven insights.

Squirro uses best of breed search solutions based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), which ensures maximum relevance of results with custom visualization and extraction.

Squirro’s 3 core Services – Insight Engine, Cognitive Search , AI Studio

Insights Engine – The Squirro Insight Engine is a scalable platform that connects, unsilos, indexes and enriches any data. It turns unstructured data into meaningful and actionable insights in three simple steps: Gather, Understand and Act.

Cognitive search – Cognitive Search is an AI-based enterprise search with self-learning algorithms to enhance relevance. It combines advanced text classification and NLP to deliver results based on intent and interest. In addition, it provides unified search across all customer data stored on any platform.

AI Studio – Our AI Studio is an important functionality in our platform. It is a No-Code interface that allows citizen data scientists and subject-matter experts to create, train and deploy their own Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models through a user-friendly and visual interface. It significantly speeds up all analysis and training jobs from prototyping to model deployment. On top of the basic service offer outlined above, our Augmented Intelligence solutions can be tailored to function-specific areas such as sales, marketing, service, risk, operations, and IT.