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Nick Milton

Nick Milton

Director and co-founder, Knoco Ltd


Nick Milton is director and co-founder of Knoco Ltd ( with nearly 30 years experience in Knowledge Management. Working with Knoco Ltd, Nick has helped develop and deliver KM strategies, implementation plans and services in a wide range of different organizations around the globe. He has a particular interest in Lessons Learned programs, and has managed major lessons capture programs, particularly in the area of mergers and acquisitions, and high technology engineering. Nick is co-author of “The Knowledge Manager’s handbook” and was on the team that created ISO standard 30401, the management systems standard for KM, and BS34401, the UK guide to use of the standard.

The importance of Governance in KM
I know Governance is not sexy, but if you need to embed KM within your organisation, as a real discipline instead of an optional add-on, then sooner or later you need to address Governance. I will cover what good KM governance looks like, and how to apply it.