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Rooven Pakkiri

Rooven Pakkiri

People Analytics and Social KM Consultant, Knowledge Management Institute


A Digital Evangelist and who began his KM career in the era; I am particularly interested in the points where Society, Technology and Business intersect and the paradigm shifts that occur whenever this happens.

I am a published author and speaker on the subject of Social Knowledge Management and Collaborative Decision Making. Here are some links to my work as a thought leader in this space:

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The Personal Knowledge Management Imperative ( Future Proof Yourself – Future Proof your Employer )

  • 40% of global CEOs think their organisation will no longer be economically viable in ten years’ time if it continues on its current course.
  • That stark data point underscores a dual imperative facing 4,410 CEOs from 105 countries and territories who responded to PwC’s 26th Annual Global CEO 2023 Survey.
  • Most of those CEOs feel it’s critically important for them to reinvent their businesses for the future.
  • Without PKM being actively promoted by CEOs this business reinvention will not happen
  • Accordingly the exciting and transformative change taking place in organisations today is all about Personal Knowledge Management
  • In my talk I will explain the rationale and how it is playing out as well as who are likely to be the winners and who are not

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