Join us for an hour of discussion and an interactive Ask Me Anything webinar, questioning the experts. We invite you to register free and send us your questions in advance so that we can pass them on to the speakers. Join the discussion – the panellists will demystify Low Code!


Low-code is a visual approach to software development that optimizes the entire development process to accelerate delivery. Professional developers use this to deliver functionalities quicker and so, they have more time for traditional development of more unique and complex features with more value and impact for the organization.

Citizen developers working in business roles understand the needs and the rules of business. These users build business-use applications simply and quickly, mostly through drag-and-drop of functionalities from a library. This makes them able to anticipate and react to developments in the market or the changed requirements of their customers which is vital in this digital age. Also, in the business market, low code developers help to overcome the problematic shortage of skilled developers.

At this webinar, practitioners bring new perspectives and ideas of innovation. They show

  • how to be resilient in the ever-changing unpredictable market
  • be able to focus on boosting productivity,
  • reduce time to market, cost, and resource investment
  • how to leverage this modern technology to deliver a fully unified customer experience.

Who should attend:

  • Citizen Developers
  • Professional App Developers
  • IT Managers and Departments
  • Business Executives
  • Government Leaders
  • Those who want to understand more about
    how Low Code can benefit their organisation


Winnie Mangeni

Winnie Mangeni

Senior Power Platform Consultant at Avanade (Microsoft & Accenture), USA


Chapter Lead Low-code & Software Tester, Squerist, Netherlands


Director, Natwest Group, India


Automation Tester, Propic Pty Ltd, Australia
Paulo Fagundes

Paulo Fagundes

Tech Lead, Noesis
Gautam Mitra


CEO, OptiRisk Systems

Ask me anything / Webinar, 23 June 2022, Emea Time Zone

Time: 15:30 - 16:30 IST