This two-part webinar is of 60-minutes duration each – it is presented in the format of a fireside chat with a small panel of subject experts.

At the start of the webinar Professor Gautam Mitra makes a short presentation of 15 minutes demystifying the concepts of Generative AI, Large Language Models (LLMs) and NLP. It is followed by a Q&A session led by a chairperson interacting with a panel of four (4) experts.

It is then extended to an ‘ask me any question session’ with the participants and panellists. For this genre of AI & ML models, the webinars focus on decision-making in the financial markets; in particular, applications in trading, fund management and risk control are considered.


Matteo Campellone

Executive Chairman and Head of Research, Brain

Dr. Ernest P. Chan

Founder, Inc

Prof. Gautam Mitra

Founder and Managing Director, OptiRisk Systems

Prof. Shekhar Pradhan

CEO, Docunexus

Hamlet Jesse Medina Ruiz

Chief Data Scientist, Criteo AI Labs

Prof. Gabriel Scali

Co-founder and Director, Reckon Digital

Part 1 - Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Watch Part 1 Recording and Watch Part 2 Recording